Sanctificetur Reliquiae

Sanctificetur Reliquiae

Sanctificetur Reliquiae, or Hallowed Remnants as they are more commonly known by the Hallow Keepers, are just that, remnants of eradicated Hallows as when a Hallow is destroyed, they leave a physical trace of themselves in the form of a black crystal often with unique abilities.

Dead Remnants

However, the nature of Hallowed Remnants isn’t always the same as these Hallowed Remnants are most often used to connect to the operatives’ Base by wrapping a telephones cable around the crystal, connecting them directly to the name of the person they say to the crystal, known as Dead Remnants. Other than patching a Hallow Keeper to the desired person, they are practically useless. Dead Remnants are often the size of ones’ middle finger in length and a finger and a half in width.

Living Remnants

Similar in looks to a Dead Remnant but should a Hallow Keeper shed their blood onto it, it gives the crystal new life, yet not as a Hallow, but as a small aid, most frequently a small creature made of this black material that is directly connected to the owner, meaning that it can act as another set of eyes or ears for the Hallow Keeper, interestingly not all Living Remnants will be loyal to the first Hallow Keeper who sheds blood, some can work with all who shed blood. The true marvel of these Living Remnants is that with a simple thought, the Hallow Keeper can revert it back into a Dead Remnant until further need for the Living Remnant. Usually the same size as a Dead Remnant, and only those trained in occult could tell the difference.

Equipment Remnants

The Equipment Remnants are the rarest of all Remnant classes, working similarly to Living Remnants by requiring ones’ blood to activate it’s true potential. There is no general rule as to the appearance to Equipment Remnants, as they can vary in size and shape, however a guarantee with all Equipment Remnants is that they will always have Sckhiyern markings and meld with the owners Soul, sometimes altering the externalized shape, or just adding to it.

Sanctificetur Reliquiae

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